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FM-adviso Corporate Information

FM-adviso is duly registered in Wyoming, USA and provides training and consultancy services globally.

The primary focus areas for the business are Gulf Cooperation Council countries of the Middle East and for the countries in and surrounding the Caribbean Sea.

 is a program for the metrology analysis of capability and maturity of Facility Management organizations. This scientific assessment - based on CMMI/SCAMPI developed at Carnegie Mellon University is a key tool available for benchmark studies and for strategy development.

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- Rotary Vortex Mill

      specialty waste management solutions

- Specialty Coatings

​​       extreme conditions       rust resistance

​       ultra-high reflectivity   mold resistance

- Solar Air Conditioner (on- and off-grid)

​​- Solar water heating ​(active and passive systems)

- Pool heaters (solar and waste heat recovery)

FM-adviso Mission Statement

Always following the discipline to Plan, Organize, and Execute (P-O-E), we will effectively deliver best-in-class services, consultative support, and training.  We will provide leadership, and we will support, counsel, and educate to maximize benefit and value for our clients and stakeholders.