​​FM-advisoand our Global Facility Management Alliance (GFMA) partners developed the program to be quick and easy to execute for your site and it is the most cost effective scientific appraisal program to identify opportunities to align the FM organization with the corporate strategy.

The content of the program is tailored for each client organization, the initial results highlight the appraisal measure, and a synopsis report is delivered to guide the organization for operational savings and enhanced delivery of FM services.

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What is A²?

A scientific questionnaire-driven analysis of the current standards, activities, and processes that exist within the corporate Facility Management unit.

An assessment of the results delivered by the FM organization.

A review of FM operations capabilities.

An evaluation to reveal the FM operations maturity.

Why do you need A²?

Gives enhanced and professional credibility and confirmation of the FM activities.

Analyzes FM activities with review against -
       - Recognized FM best practices,
       - IFMA Core Competencies, and
       - Quality and Organizational Maturity models

Provides critical data to become the basis for the future FM Organization Strategy.

What are the benefits of A²?

Confirms what FM services are delivered well and where improvements can be realized.

Justifies your call for resources, for change, and for optimization of FM business practices.

Guides strategy development, giving direction for the most efficient and cost-effective facility management.

Defines where costs can be reduced.