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FM-adviso is duly registered in Wyoming, USA and provides training and consultancy services globally.

The primary focus areas for the business are EMEA, Gulf Cooperation Council countries of the Middle East and for the countries in and surrounding the Caribbean Sea.


​​FM-adviso                               Always following the discipline to Plan, Organize, and Execute (P-O-E), we will Mission Statement                     effectively deliver best-in-class services, consultative support, and training. We                                                   will provide leadership, and we will support, counsel, and educate our clients in                                                   order to maximize benefit and value for our clients and stakeholders.

DEPTH OF services

​All manner of Facility Management (FM) Advisory / Consultancy Support

We provide effective and knowledgeable specialist support for your business. There is no substitute for global best in class to fine-tune your FM enterprise.


Training for the premier FM Industry Credentials and Certifications

The complex field of Facility Management is enhanced by persons who have proven skills and knowledge as evidenced by international credentials from ProFM, IFMA, AFE, and DRI. We also customize and provide proprietary training programs from entry / developmental to mature operations for all staff levels.


Risk Management  Support

All facilities benefit from superior Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) programs. We will support at all phases of an organization - from start-up to established concerns, with HSE, Disaster Planning / Emergency Response and on to full-scale Business Continuity schemes.

Operational Management

Whether your business is looking to enhance or expand the FM operations or it is in need of some updates, we’re committed to providing you with top tier support and knowledge. 

Comprehensive support you and your company can trust.


FM-adviso has a well-deserved reputation of providing smart, sensible, and cost-effective Facility Management (FM) solutions for our clients. We query and listen, comprehend, analyze and review, and we communicate the status, information, and results to meet your needs.

Your organization deserves nothing less than best-in-class support to fulfill the vision and mission and deliver stake-holder value. We will identify and provide options to deliver FM services support that is effective, efficient, and has focus on cost containment.


From short-term assignments, functional analyses, and the development of site-specific operational procedures, to specialist consulting and advisory services, to Facility Management and Disaster Recovery/BCM training FM-adviso 

is capable to deliver timely and effective solutions.

As a boutique consultancy FM-adviso is also partnered with the Global Facility Management Alliance for the additional depth of resources and to provide agile response to the needs of your organization without the limitations of excessive overhead.

​​Stephen Brown


           GGP, MBCP, CBCLA

      Facilities Consultant and Strategist

With more than 30 years managing and

advising on the built environment for

corporate, public, and academic settings

in the US, Europe, Caribbean and Middle East, he has a diverse background of successes to draw from.

Recognized as a Subject Matter Expert in multiple facets of the Facilities Management industry, he has contributed broadly to professional credentials and certification programs.

In parallel, Brown has devoted efforts toward Disaster Planning, Emergency Response, and Business Continuity activities and is driven to assist emerging markets to maximize efficiency in all aspects of the delivery of FM.

Credentials and Certifications held include:

- Certified Facility Manager (CFM)

- Facilities Management Professional (FMP)

- Sustainable Facilities Professional (SFP)

​from International Facilities Management Association

- ProFM from ProFM Institute

- Certified Plant Engineer (CPE)

- Certified Professional Maintenance Manager (CPMM)

from Association for Facilities Engineering

- Green Globes Professional (GGP)

 from Green Building Initiative

- Master Business Continuity Professional (MBCP)

- Certified Business Continuity Lead Auditor (CBCLA)

from  Disaster Recovery Institute, International