​​​​FM-adviso  and our Global Facility Management Alliance (GFMA) partners developed the program to be quick and easy to execute for your site and it is the most cost effective scientific appraisal program to identify opportunities to align the FM organization with the corporate strategy.

The content of the program is tailored for each client organization, the initial results highlight the appraisal measure, and a synopsis report is delivered to guide the organization for operational savings and enhanced delivery of FM services.

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A² reveals key areas to improve efficiency and reduce your FM costs

Scientific Analysis of Facility Management

A² is a program for the metrology analysis of capability maturity in Facility Management organizations. This scientific assessment - based on CMMI/SCAMPI and developed at Carnegie Mellon University is a key tool available for benchmark studies and for strategy development.

FM Analytics


Measures Capability Maturity

Metrology that quantifies and qualifies the FM deliverables and measures success across multiple dimensions of FM best practices. Maximum benefit for the demand organization.

Benchmarks Current Performance

Based on IFMA Core Competencies and tailored to add strategic content.

Promotes FM Strategy Development

Until the FM unit understands and appreciates what is critical to the mission of the demand organization, they cannot deliver best service and support for occupant comfort, satisfaction, and productivity.  

Aligns FM Unit with the Demand Organization

When the Facility Management unit delivers effectively and efficiently to meet the needs of the demand organization, waste is eliminated and performance is precise.

A Critical Tool to Facilitate Continual Improvement

Provides a detailed plan of change management to transition to a program of continual improvement.

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